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Anything But Books Tag

I’m really sorry I can’t find where I originally saw this, but all credit to whomever created this tag! It was super fun! 🙂 Name a cartoon character that you love. Dumbo! I love so many, but that cute little elephant is my OG love.   What is your favourite song right now? Lights up… Continue reading Anything But Books Tag

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The Guilty Reader Book Tag

I came across this tag on my Twitter, and now I can find the post! So credit to whomever made this tag! It’s a fun one! 🙂 Have you ever regifted a book that you’ve been given? I have regifted a book I got in a subscription box, only because I already owned the book! … Continue reading The Guilty Reader Book Tag

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The Extinction Trials: Rebel by S.M Wilson

Sacrifice. Survival. Welcome to The Extinction Trials. Storm and Lincoln’s city is burning. The people are starving. The only place left to run is Piloria, the continent of monsters. It’s up to Storm and Lincoln to keep their people alive as they colonize this lethal paradise. But will the biggest threat to their survival be… Continue reading The Extinction Trials: Rebel by S.M Wilson