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After We Collided (Movie Review)

First off I will start by saying I am a huge fan of the After series by Anna Todd, I watched the first movie and I did like it, but I just didn’t love it, there wasn’t the same essence as there was in the book, even though the movie was so well made! However I was so excited for After We Collided, I could just tell from the snippets throughout filming that we were going to be getting the book. And that’s exactly what it was, it felt like watching the book unfold onscreen, of course there were a few differences as with all adaptions but it followed the book so well, the essence was there the whole way through. I absolutely loved it, as did my best friend that I went to watch it with.


I’m not going to include any spoilers in my review and try not to ramble on too much about how much I loved it, but that’ll be hard.

Right from the start I was hooked, it picked up not long after the first movie ended, with flashbacks to the first movie at the start, which I thought was a really great way to start the film, a little reminder for those who may not have been so engrossed in the books and remember everything from the first movie.

The two main characters go through so many ups and downs, it doesn’t start off in a wonderfully happy place, that’s for sure. I loved watching the progress of the story and the characters, even though I kind of already knew what was going to happen, it was really fun to see what scenes from the book would be included in the movie, and there were lots!

Of course this is a romance, so there were plenty of intimate scenes, lots more than the first movie and way more intimate with the rating changing to ‘R’ in this one, which also meant a lot of swearing, bringing another big element from the book to the screen. The love scenes were executed so well, I felt like there was just enough to still keep the storyline as the focus and not just the love scenes.

Even though the movie is a romance there was so much humour, I found myself laughing so much! Trevor was one of the best characters and I’m so glad his role was altered a little to be a main character in this film, his scenes were absolute gold, Dylan Sprouse brought Trevor to life so brilliantly! I can’t wait to see him in the next one, and hopefully get just as many laughs.


The two leads, Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin were excellent, I loved that we got to see so much more interaction and dialogue between their characters Hardin and Tessa in this one, their acting was brilliant, as expected, the whole movie was so well done, there was such a great cast and crew behind it, and it shows. The added cast this time really amped up the film, some of my favourite actors had parts in this one, Candice King from the Vampire Diaries and Charlie Webber from How To Get Away With Murder star, making it an incredibly strong cast in my opinion. And I have to mention Innana Sarkis who plays Molly, one of my favourite characters from the book, a smaller characters in the films but I still love her! The Molly/Tessa scene was one of my favourites and both actresses were incredible!


There are so many characters/actors I wish could have had way more screen time, but of course that can’t always be the case, I think they done an absolutely brilliant job with the movie.

After We Collided is a brilliant movie, it is a romance but not a typical romance, yes there are love scenes, cheesy scenes, cute scenes, but the drama and humour wrap it all together and give us an brilliantly entertaining story.

Please go see it if you can when it comes out in your county, or give the book a try, especially if you’re into romance with a lot of drama and fun!

It’s just been announced that the other two books in the series are going into production for films, which means two more movies, I am absolutely delighted and already can’t wait!

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