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After The War by Tom Palmer and Wuthering Heights A Retelling by Tanya Landman

Barrington Stoke were very kind to send me copies of these two books, I’m planning to take them into school to read to the children, but of course I had to give them a read first! I tested them on my god daughter, it was so lovely to read them together. Thank you very much to Barrington Stoke!


After The War was brilliant, WW2 is a topic that we cover in school, so my goddaughter was super interested in this one, the story was so well written! A different perspective from a lot of the WW2 books and material that is out there,  the story focused on a group of young boys who were moved from the concentration camps in Germany to England after the war ended, to embark on a new a journey, a new life. I loved how the slowly got used to this new way of life and let go of their fears and worries. The way the story flows so well and the language used was perfect for young readers, it is really engaging and fun, as well as emotional and touching. My goddaughter loved it, she read through it so quickly!
This author seems to have quite a few other stories similar to these, I think that might be a Christmas present for S this year!


Wuthering Heights was excellent, I think I enjoyed it more than S! I love classic retellings, I honestly think they are better to read (don’t judge, please! Ha!). The language used was still a little old fashioned but still great for young readers, and the story, although much shorter than the original was great and covered everything. I seriously enjoyed this and an already looking at getting the other retellings from the same author! The way the story was told to engage young readers was brilliant, still keeping some of the themes and elements of the original.
I think I’ll have to check out the authors retelling of Jane Eyre as well! 

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