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Letting Go by Cat Clarke

When Agnes made a promise to her girlfriend Ellie, she thought they would be together forever. One year later, Agnes is keeping that promise and it’s put her in a situation she never could have predicted; climbing a desolate mountain, in miserable weather, with Ellie and her new boyfriend Steve. But when the weather takes a threatening turn and the sky-high tension between the trio hits its peak, Agnes will have to push herself further than she ever thought was possible…


This is a short story by the wonderful Cat Clarke, I’m not one to read a lot of short stories, but I was sent this by the publisher so I thought I’d give it a go, a nice quick and easy read.

It was a really lovely read, the topic was different than anything I’d read before, I also haven’t read a lot of f/f relationships in YA.

It follows Agnes on a journey up a mountain because of a promise she made to her ex-girlfriend and she doesn’t want to break that as she’s already dealing with grief, Agnes was a great MC who I really came to love and root for throughout.

I found the story very touching and at times suspenseful.

The ending I loved, and was not expecting at all, I wouldn’t say it was a huge twist or anything, but it was different from what I had predicted, which I really loved, the writing was brilliant and the story was well told in this short story!

I highly recommend picking it up if you’re after a short and easy read, maybe to get yourself out of a reading slump, or just change things up a bit!

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