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Fine Line Book Tag

I was going to make my own Fine alone book tag, I did one with Harry Styles’ first album, and I just adore everything about him and this album, so of course I wanted to do a tag! It’s taken so long, but I actually stumbled across this one on YouTube, I’ll tag the original here!

1. Golden: A new to you book or series; “The Honeymoon Phase”?

E5B1CA23-0629-4486-A566-30931646C5B8I just finished The Turn Of The Key by Ruth Ware, I hadn’t heard of this author or book before, and I absolutely adored it, I’ve just added all of the authors other books to my wish list and will be purchasing very soon.

2. Watermelon Sugar: Your favourite smutty book?

D1B5D050-7288-4E2B-801D-3459C6BE697D100% the After series by Anna Todd, although there’s quite a few smutty books that I love, oops. But After was the first abs I still adore it.

3. Adore You: A happy, upbeat book/character that you adore?

FA06D670-CB00-4724-9B6E-67AD8DC15D13Hazel from Josh and Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating, I loved her, she was such a brilliant character.

4. Lights Up: A book that let you know it is ok to be yourself/led to self acceptance?

Moxie is a really great book, with a good bit of 1FE961EF-A6E2-4C13-B5ED-350F1DC93D30acceptance and feminism throughout, great for showing young girls that they should be proud of who they are and not let anyone put them down.

5. Cherry: A book that has stuck with you?

1B7D7026-3E13-4749-A28E-2BAA8C730FFAA Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole, this was the first book to make me cry and I still cry even just thinking about it, it’s been one of my favourite books ever since, that I always think about.

6. Falling: A book that broke your heart?

The Bronze Horseman series by Paullina 1BA6BBD2-EF5A-42A7-80E0-FE029E9AFD1FSimon, that book was just heartbreak after heartbreak.


7. To Be So Lonely: Favorite flawed character?

246660FB-BA0C-4C8D-A11B-AD56A70218FBMolly from After by Anna Todd, she’s a bitch but I love her a lot.


8. She: Ideal book boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other?

Ohhh there’s so many, how do I pick? Hmm 80BA6DE6-ECFF-489D-8E89-655B5A523625maybe Holder from Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, I love him!


9. Sunflower, Vol. 6: A book you associate with happy memories?

A613E723-A53D-437E-9970-8B65BFA378E4Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines, I read that on holiday and it’s such a great book/series, it just makes me remember reading on the beach/by the pool and it was so lovely.

10. Canyon Moon: A book that feels like home/a nostalgic read?

I read quite a lot of children’s books on school, D86659AC-C3A7-4DF4-A17C-50D84FF890B8a really nostalgic read that I love to read to the kiddos is Elmer, any of the Elmer books, they remind me of my own childhood.

11. Treat People With Kindness: A book with an important message?

9885C865-CE7B-4FD9-93B3-1DDEC9F9D069The Places I’ve Cried In Public, this book had such an important topic, something that I did really relate to from my teen years, I think a young girl reading this recognising some signs of a toxic relationship.

12. Fine Line: A book you love with a relationship that you don’t like or with a love/hate relationship?

I found this one hard, I couldn’t think of one 14A5256A-5188-45B9-A00B-B1D809874D15where I didn’t love the main relationship, so I’m going to say Twilight, I hated Bella and Jacob, with a passion. 

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