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Rewrite The Stars by Emma Hetherington Blog Tour

It’s never too late to say I love you…

From the moment they meet one December day there’s something between Charlotte Taylor and her brother’s best friend, Tom Farley. But Tom’s already taken and Charlie has to let him go…

It’s another five years before their paths cross again only a secret from the past forces Charlie to make a choice. She promises herself she’ll never look back…

The years pass and Charlie moves on with her life but she can never forget Tom. He’s always there whispering ‘What if?’.

Can Charlie leave the life she has built for one last chance with Tom?  Or is the one that got away not really the one at all…?


It’s my stop today on the Rewrite The Stars blog tour, thank you very much to HarperCollins Ireland for sending me this book.

This is a cosy and romantic story that is perfect to curl up with in the oncoming winter months. I imagine it would make a great Christmas read!
The story is set in Dublin, Ireland, it follows the challenging relationship of Charlotte/Charlie Taylor, an Irish woman and Tom Farley, an Irish American who grew up in Ohio before moving to Dublin in his teens.

The pair first meet in 2010, and fall for each other rather quickly, Tom is impressed by Charlies songwriting and singing, he is convinced that she could make it big in the music business, which he tells her often. Matthew, who is Charlie’s rather protective big brother brought Tom into Charlie’s life when he recruited him as a drummer in his band. Because of this, nothing happens between the pair, even with the obvious attraction.

Charlie meets Tom again five years later, after Tom has left the band, and the band are completely broken up and Mathew is back living with his parents and not doing very well at all. Meeting Tom again completely changes Charlie and she wants to give love a go, this is the start of a lot of complications for the pair. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I’m not going to mention any events or main plot twists for that reason, as I think everyone should go in blind like I did. But the story is filled with so much, there’s drama, there’s love and there’s a lot for Charlie to deal with. 

I loved Charlie’s character and the development of her, I thought the author wrote her so well, all of her thoughts and challenges as she navigated life, she is full of love for all of the people in her life. She was a very thoughtful person, there were so many times I wish she would have been a bit selfish and taken a leap for herself, but she stuck by when she was needed.

Charlie’s relationships with her friends and family were very well written and felt so real, the characters definitely weren’t written to be perfect, I love the real was of the story. The side characters were scattered through the story so very well to add depth and meaning, I think Emily was my favourite of the side characters.

And the romance was beautiful, Charlie’s love story, though it was complicated was brilliant, at the beginning and even midway I thought I might have known how the book was going to end, but I was wrong, Charlie certainly didn’t take the path in life that I thought she might and I loved that! I really did enjoyed the ‘will they, won’t they get back together’ aspect of the story, I didn’t find it frustrating or tiring at all, it was very well written.

I was honestly very surprised at the ending, I both loved it and didn’t love it at the same time, but I do think it was the best ending to the story.

I highly recommend this one, it’s a great cosy romance to settle down with in these incoming winter months. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of Emma’s books.


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