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The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

Leningrad 1941: the white nights of summer illuminate a city of fallen grandeur whose palaces and avenues speak of a different age, when Leningrad was known as St Petersburg.

Two sisters, Tatiana and Dasha, share the same bed, living in one room with their brother and parents. The routine of their hard impoverished life is shattered on 22 June 1941 when Hitler invades Russia. For the Metanov family, for Leningrad and particularly for Tatiana, life will never be the same again. On that fateful day, Tatiana meets a brash young man named Alexander.

The family suffers as Hitler’s army advances on Leningrad, and the Russian winter closes in. With bombs falling and the city under siege, Tatiana and Alexander are drawn inexorably to each other, but theirs is a love that could tear Tatiana’s family apart, and at its heart lies a secret that could mean death to anyone who hears it.

Confronted on the one hand by Hitler’s vast war machine, and on the other by a Soviet system determined to crush the human spirit, Tatiana and Alexander are pitted against the very tide of history, at a turning point in the century that made the modern world.


I listened to this book on audible, all thirty hours of it, The Bronze Horseman is a historical romance, it’s really not my kind of book, but I’d seen my friend talk about it for years, so when I saw it as I was scrolling through audible to spend my credit, I decided to give it a go.

I was not expecting it to be so long, I think it’s around 800 pages in book form! It certainly helped my boring days in the office though.

I got completely hooked. I’m not sure if I picked up the physical book I would get as hooked, as some of the names and words probably would have had me stumped if I was trying to read them myself, but listening to it was so easy, I honestly wish I’d discovered audible sooner, anyone else an audible addict?

Paullina Simons knows how to write a captivating book, the way she wrote the story was incredible, she wrote about and described the war and characters so brilliantly.

On the first day of war, Tatiana Metanova meets Alexander Belov, a very handsome soldier, an officer in the Red Army. Their love is instant, you can almost feel the connection that happens between these two, and, ultimately, it threatens to tear apart Tatiana’s life when certain things are revealed.

I loved every single thing about this book, it has definitely gone down as one of my favourite every reads.

The storyline was so well thought out, not only did it focus on the war but the love story between the characters, and my god was it w complicated one, for the majority of the book I was wanting to scream at the characters to get their act together!

Tatiana was a brilliant MC, she is the most selfless character I have ever read, which yes does make you a little mad at times, but her strength and resilience was so powerful to read about, it I was in her shoes I don’t think I would have done what did, or survived how she did. Paullina wrote her so well, and kept her true to herself the whole way through. I have read some reviews who hated Tatiana, and I do get that, she can come across as childish and whiny, but that’s not how I saw her at all, I loved her.

Alexander was also a brilliant character, who I sometimes wanted to shake and tell him to stop being such an idiot/asshole, he can maybe come across as a bit of a player, but this was also during war time, and he was a soldier, I think he was written pretty accurately.

His strength, destination and litany was admirable.

There was romance, steamy scenes, comedic scenes and downright heartbreaking scenes woven throughout this wonderful novel, it was all placed so well together to make it one of the best reads ever for me, nothing took away from the story, every chapter just built it up.

And then came the ending, which left me sat almost agape, I needed more, I was obsessed. Which I think makes for a great read.

Thankfully there are three books in the series, I downloaded the next one straight away, it wasn’t on audible UK, so I’m reading it in my kindle, I’m sure my review of Tatiana and Alexander/The Bridge to Holy Cross will follow soon!

I highly recommend this book, even if you’re not a fan of historical/romance books, like I said it was not my type of book at all, but it was great. If you do read it or have previously read it, please come talk to me about it!

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