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Songs About A Girl Series by Chris Russell

Charlie Bloom never wanted to be ‘with the band’. She’s happiest out of the spotlight, behind her camera, unseen and unnoticed. But when she’s asked to take backstage photos for hot new boy band Fire&Lights, she can’t pass up the chance. 

Catapulted into a world of paparazzi and backstage bickering, Charlie soon becomes caught between gorgeous but damaged frontman, Gabriel West, and his boy-next-door bandmate Olly Samson. Then, as the boys’ rivalry threatens to tear the band apart, Charlie stumbles upon a mind-blowing secret, hidden in the lyrics of their songs…

I’m just going to go ahead and say it, this was one of the best book series’ I have ever read. I devoured all three of these books, the minute I put one down I picked the next one straight up, I am so sad it’s over now. I mean boyband lit is the 58F3B485-EC14-4729-A549-DDD595A7E94Eperfect genre for me!

Charlie Bloom is a high school student who dreams of being a photographer, she gets an amazing opportunity to take some photos for one of the worlds biggest boybands when one of the members who she went to school with contacts her, she isn’t a huge fan, but she knows how big this is, her best friend Melissa, who I adore, is one of Fire&Lights biggest fans, she helps Charlie say yes to the opportunity. 

Right from the beginning Charlie makes a big impression on the band, the four boys each take a shine to her in their own way… and obviously things get complicated, especially as two of the boys seem to really really like Charlie, Olly and Gabe who already have a bit of a not so 149D5FEE-0E04-4AFA-98F4-20A17C2EB89Fgreat history. 

The whole series is a road, with the love triangle playing a huge part. There was one boy in particular I found myself routing for the whole way through, but there always is, isn’t there?

The main plot of the story follows Gabe and Charlie who both have troubles from there past, that we learn are somehow linked, they were connected from a very young age, as well as the other boyband member after Olly’s heart, I was amazed when I learned this, it was as if all three of them were destined to meet again…

The characters were so great, I really loved Charlie, the way she had insecurities and self doubt, even though she was lucky enough to be in the midst of all these huge pop-stars. I loved how well she reacted to the situations she found herself in, it felt very organic, honest and real.

And the boys, I loved everyone of them, I’m such a sucker for boybands, Yuki and Aid were great side characters who brought a lot of fun to the series, as well as the more serious issues that are touched on involving them. 

This is YA book series that acknowledges FC316499-251F-4BEB-AEF4-56989AE7CC29online bullying and trolling, although Charlie’s situation was much different than most teenagers, I still think the way she dealt with all the online hate was admirable. There are many other important issues for today’s society throughout the book too, relating to sexuality, drugs, alcohol, death and family problems. The way the author wrote these book with these issues threaded through was brilliant, his writing was incredible, he still managed to bring in fun, romance and just a really great storyline to follow along with. 

I loved how it ended, the last book definitely contained the most drama, there were so many plot twists that I really don’t want to spoil so I’m not saying much except I really didn’t see them coming. 

I can’t do this series justice with this review, there was so much that happened in the three books, the writing was brilliant, it was so easy to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, if you love boybands or even if you don’t, this is such a great read that I would highly recommend. 

I just wanted to have Charlie’s life and be with the band! 

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