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My Secret Lies With You by Faye Bird Blog Tour

have a very exciting post to share today! I received a copy of My Secret Lies with You by Faye Bird, very kindly from the publisher, to read and review, and be part of this blog tour 

This blog tour is a little different, the post I’m sharing was written by Faye Bird, a review of one of her favourite mysteries. My review of the book will follow Faye’s guest post! 

And here it is, what Faye has to say about one of her favourite mysteries. 

Instructions for a Heatwave by Maggie O’Farrell.

I am a huge fan of Maggie O’Farrell. I have read all her books and they never disappoint. I’ve chosen this book in particular for the tour because of how much I love the mood, which is unequivocally set by the time and the place. London. July 1976. The heatwave. Robert Riordan, married, retired, apparently content, gets up from the breakfast table, goes out for the newspaper, and – to his wife and children’s dismay – doesn’t come back.

I was only four years old during the summer of ‘76, but I remember the heatwave clearly. Not because of stories my parents told me about it, but because I remember the endless days of playing in the garden in a rainbow coloured sundress. I remember the feel of the ground cracked, dry and brown beneath my feet. I remember the hose discarded, unused like some kind of relic; it was something to jump over now, skip with, because the water was banned. In my mind that summer was all the summers of my childhood and Maggie O’Farrell evokes this time on an ordinary day in London when Robert Riordan goes missing with such clarity, that I felt almost transported back there on reading.

The mystery at the heart of the book – Robert’s leaving – is in essence a catalyst for a story about a family and its intricacies and complexities. It’s the way that Maggie O’Farrell writes about these relationships so beautifully that pulls you through this novel until the end. A mystery, but with so much more.


Three close friends. Two unforgettable summers. One girl’s darkest secret. 

Alys appeared last summer, and then she vanished without a trace. Cait’s new in town and she needs to know the truth: Who is Alys?


Ive been looking forward to reading this for a while now, I read the sampler when it was first released, and I thought it sounded great! I’m really in YA thriller/mysteries at the minute.

Even though this book is marketed as a YA mystery, it didn’t have the typical mystery feel like a lot of the others I’ve read has, there wasn’t really any huge plot twists or anything, but I did enjoy reading, every chapter brought another little mystery, it was a fun, easy read, perfect for summer!

The book started when Cait goes on holiday with her mum and her mums boyfriend, to a little cottage in a seaside town. Cait isn’t thrilled by this but soon meets some local teens and finds herself sucked into a bit of a mystery, it seems to be involving a girl that the group she has befriended knew the previous summer. Can’t finds herself a bit obsessed with finding out what exactly happened when she finds a missing poster who the friends seem to think is Alys, but with a different name. 

I thought it was quite a different take on a YA mystery, I particularly loved the setting, the small little beach town that only really seems to be popular in the summer months. 

I don’t want to give too much away that will spoil the book, I really liked watching the characters try to unravel the mystery. 

It wasn’t my favourite book in this genre, but it was a fun, light read! I would recommend it, maybe more so to younger YA readers too! 

I will definitely be on the look out for Faye’s other books: What I Couldn’t Tell You and My Second Life. 

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