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Top 5 Childhood Books

The book fair recently came to the school I work in, and it reminded me of being in primary school and the kind of books I liked to read, so I thought I would do a post on my top five childhood reads.


1. Elmer, I have always loved the Elmer stories, Elmer is a patchwork elephant, 459B3A6A-DBE5-4A4D-ACED-D2DD088BCF4Dthere are several different stories in the Elmer series, I always loved elephants so Elmer was definitely a favourite of mine. Looking at the books now they teach so many valuable things, kindness and sharing to name a few! I still read them to the kids in the school I work in! They love them too!


2. The Hungry Caterpillar, this was one of the stories that I always wanted the 7524BF52-FB81-411E-9A88-0B58CB812DD4teacher to read, no matter how many times I had already read it, and it’s still very popular in the school I work in. It’s definitely a classic.


3. The Tiger Who Came To Tea, this is one 762D3780-7D17-4ABB-8E97-0D8C0970A82BI actually remember buying from the book fair to read at home because I loved it so much! I think my mum might have been fed up reading it to me! Ya! 


4. The Story Of Tracy Beaker, I adored all 3C8080AA-724A-4655-90C3-FF92632878A4the Jacquline Wilson books! I read these in my last few years of primary school.


5. My Secret Unicorn (I think this might have been a series of short novels) I E343B7D6-2423-4FB9-A974-540BCF293406remember reading this in my last few years of primary school, I was obsessed with it, I’m not sure if the books are still popular today but with how popular unicorns are I would say it should still be popular!

What were your favourite childhood books? Did you like any of these? 

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