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The Guilty Reader Book Tag

I came across this tag on my Twitter, and now I can find the post! So credit to whomever made this tag! It’s a fun one! 🙂


Have you ever regifted a book that you’ve been given?

I have regifted a book I got in a subscription box, only because I already owned the book! 

Have you ever said you’ve read a book when you haven’t?

No, I’d be too afraid of doing that incase who I said it to had read the book and wanted to discuss it! I would look like a bit silly then. 

Have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it?

Nope, but only because I don’t really borrow books. My local library doesn’t have a lot of books I would read, I donate a lot to them though! 

Have you ever read a series out of order?

I don’t think so? Not that I know of anyway, I always look up a teasing order if I know the book is part of a series. 

Have you ever spoiled a book for someone?

I haven’t! Thankfully! I hate spoilers so I never go into too much detail unless I know the other person has read it! I’ve had books spoiled for me, and it is not fun at all? 

Have you ever dogeared a book?

When I was younger, yes. Before my real love of reading and love for books developed, now it’s bookmarks all the way!

Have you ever told someone you don’t own a book when you do?

No, not a lot of my friends read, so I don’t get asked to lend out books a lot. And unless it’s one of my signed ones I wouldn’t mind lending books! I give a lot of my books away once I’ve read them, because I don’t have that much space. I’m not too precious over non signed books. 

Have you ever told someone you haven’t read a book when you have?


Have you ever skipped a chapter or a section of a book?

Yes, if I’m not really into a book and just want to get to the end I tend to do this. Just to skim bits and get done with it. 

Have you ever bad mouthed a book you actually liked?

No! If I like a book I will praise and praise it. I would feel terrible saying bad things about it if I liked it! 

2 thoughts on “The Guilty Reader Book Tag

  1. Love this! I’ve seen this show up in a few places recently, might have to give it a go. I loved reading your answers – totally agree with the last, why would you say something bad if you’ve enjoyed a book? Bizarre, hehe. Lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

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