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Odd One Out by Nic Stone

Courtney “Coop” Cooper

Dumped. Again. And normally I wouldn’t mind. But right now, my best friend and source of solace, Jupiter Sanchez, is ignoring me to text some girl.

Rae Evelyn Chin

I assumed “new girl” would be synonymous with “pariah,” but Jupiter and Courtney make me feel like I’m right where I belong. I also want to kiss him. And her. Which is . . . perplexing.

Jupiter Charity-Sanchez

The only thing worse than losing the girl you love to a boy is losing her to your boy. That means losing him, too. I have to make a move. . . .

One story.

Three sides.

No easy answers.


I really enjoyed Dear Martin by Nic Stone, so I was really excited to give this a go!

I had heard some mixed reviews about this book, and will say that it wasn’t really what I expected! 

It was an easy read, there is a lot of dialogue and short chapters, so if you want you could probably read it in a sitting, I think I read it over a couple of days as I wasn’t exactly hooked and didn’t have a lot of time to read whenever I picked this one up. It was told from three POVs, each character getting a chunk of the book from their POV. 

The message in the book was an important one I feel, I think that the way Nic Stone explored sexuality was great! Jupiter’s character goes through a bog development throughout the story and I liked following that. I feel like for teenagers  or young adult, even adult who are questioning their sexuality, this book can be truly helpful as I learned some things from it myself! 

There is a kind of messy love triangle in the book, it’s hard to keep up with sometimes, who had feelings for who, but doesn’t tell the other person, etc… It was definitely a complicated love triangle, I haven’t read about a love triangle in ages, I sud enjoy it, even though there was certain times I wanted to scream at the characters. The characters have no idea how to handle or express their feeling, even though I didn’t hate it I would’ve liked there to be more healthy and less complicated ways to deal with their confusion. 

Overall it was an okay read, there were a few things I didn’t love, there was a bit of Biphobia from one of the characters, and few other choices made by the characters that I didn’t think were great. But I will pick up another Nic Stone book, hopefully it won’t have a messy live triangle! Ha!

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