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Arranged by R.K Lilley

There were rules in the cash-for-beauty game. The money held the power. The beauty followed the rules and jumped through the hoops.


I knew what everyone would think if they knew the truth about my marriage. They’d be shocked and appalled. And rightly so. I was a young, modern, independent woman, and I’d done the unthinkable. I’d sold my virginity to a spoiled, rich boy. To a stranger who didn’t love me. 

And yes, I’d done it all for money.


My bride was as gorgeous as she was unwelcome. As desirable as she was unwanted. I wanted nothing to do with her, but that didn’t seem to matter exactly the second she got close enough to touch. I wanted her to hate me more than she loved the millions she’d sold herself for. 

I wanted to spurn her, but unfortunately, I wanted to fuck her more.


This book, ah! I love quite a few genres, recently I’ve been reading a lot of YA, it had been a while since I read a really steamy romance, and even better it was a new R.K Lilley book! I adore her books, and this one just added to another that I devoured and thoroughly enjoyed! 

This story starts out at the beginning of an arranged marriage, where the bride is getting a pretty penny for marrying the handsome groom. We do find out that both of the characters have their own reasons for the arrangement. 

Banks, the groom isn’t exactly happy even though he agreed to the arrangement, he is cold, cruel and downright disgusting with Noura at first, Noura is trying to make everything seem like part of the business deal, making it into a job like role.

We watch this weird marriage plow on, the marriage is obviously much much less than perfect. But the way R.K plotted and wrote this story was brilliant. 

I was hooked right from the beginning, Noura is so likeable, you can tell she has been through something in her past that would make her sell herself in this way, I immediately warmed to her and was hooked on the story.

Banks however took a lot of warming, the way he treated her at the start was so so wrong, and what we found out towards the end, my heart broke for Noura. 

There was a lot of angst and drama that kept the story flowing, I wasn’t once bored of it! And the steamy scenes, as always were so well written! 

The plot idea, the characters and the execution totally delivered a great book, in my opinion. 

If you’re into romance books with a lot of sexy scenes I highly recommend this one, but just know that R.K does write detailed sex scenes, that I know some people don’t enjoy! And with this book there’s an essence of cheating and wrong doing by the husband! I did love it, I didn’t always love what happened, but I think that makes for a great book! 

The ending made me smile, who doesn’t love a happy ending?!

i also asides that R.K poster nudes on her social media before I read the book, it definitely created even more of a picture in my head whilst I was reading!

* I got the images from R.K’s instagram *


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