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Books I Would Love To See As Movies (Part 1)

There are so many books I would love to see as movie, instead of listing them all at once I thought I would do five at a time throughout this year, so here are the first five! What books would you love to see on the big screen? 


What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick 

I loved this, it would make the cutest movie. One of those really cute teen Netflix movies that everyone loves to watch! 

The characters were so well developed in the book, I feel like they would make really great onscreen characters, and the setting would be beautiful! D3DD7AB6-6A32-41BF-9519-EBEF2F48AC08

There was a really great storyline and plot. I would definitely love to watch it! 


Verity by Colleen Hoover

Verity would make an absolutely brilliant thriller movie, one of those movies that you watch on the edge of your seat. 

65466142-D2EA-4E47-AD73-220F94880762The plot was absolutely crazy, I think it would transfer really well to the screen. The characters and the storyline were so interesting and captivating, I know I wouldn’t be able to look away from the screen if I ever got to watch this play out. 

The Extinction Trials Series by S.M Wilson

The world building in these books was incredible, this is absolutely not my genre of book at all, but I love them! 552011A2-7864-4B69-9C49-F21AA3D54DED

I can imagine how great a movie based on these would be, the sets would be beautiful, the story is full of depth and plenty of adrenaline. And dinosaurs are so in right now, Ha! 

River Wild by Samantha Towle

I thought this story was really different 35AF7308-45EA-4939-A792-DA60ED86A705and so well plotted and interesting, I would love to see a movie or a TV show based of this. I can imagine the character, how hot would River be? I think I would watch just for that fact! 

A Thousand Boy Kisses & A Wish For Us by Tillie Cole

Okay so I tried to choose one of these but I couldn’t decide between the two, A Thousand Boy Kisses is one of my all time favourite books but I recently read A Wish For Us, which was brilliant. 1434EB44-FB60-4E53-8549-76E25AF57575

Both of these were total ugly cry reads (ATBK slightly more ugly), I love a sad movie that makes me cry, I imagine both of these C2E55D0B-7586-4301-8376-B5CDA828535Cbooks would transfer greatly to screen. I would one hundred percent be there will my box of tissues! The would both be so beautiful. 

4 thoughts on “Books I Would Love To See As Movies (Part 1)

  1. Omggg I get excited when you talked about What I Thought Was True. I never heard of it but I need to check it out soon because I loveeee swoon-worthy books 😍 And goshhh I’m also a sucker for emotional books so I definitely need to check out A Thousand Boy Kisses and A Wish for Us. Thank you for this!

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