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One Direction Book Tag!

Hi Guys, as a lover of 1D and books, I’ve come up with a little 1D book tag, please feel free to do this and tag me in your answers!


I Want: A book that you really want.

Currently it is The Extinction Trials: 6c7d4572-1a09-4ba1-8431-94b5a711f475Rebel, which is out very soon! I can’t wait for it! 


Up All Night/ Midnight Memories: A book that you got so hooked on that you had to stay up to read it.

81f9422c-a8eb-4555-bb7c-64e72bb0f925I stayed up so late reading The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins, I was so hooked on that and just needed to know what was going to happen.


More Than This: A book that you wish was longer or had a sequel.52462450-bbea-4346-9d0f-ccbb5a66c90b

Verity by Colleen Hoover, I just need more of that book, so much more! I loved it so much. 


Loved You First: The first book that you fell in love with/started your reading journey. 

After by Anna Todd, and it’s still my 7a2c9fc7-8eb0-40d4-94cf-671f9284c041favourite book/series, and will probably always be. There was just something I completely fell in love with right from the second I started reading it.


Summer Love: A good summer read.

I think the Field Party Series by Abbi 6a6cd27f-9715-4d98-8b84-24e1c984e9c8 would all be really great summer reads. All of the books in that series are great!

Over Again: A book that you want to or that you re-read a lot.2d13dc82-6681-4bb3-b4ca-f22ec14bfc3e

Before by Anna Todd, my favourite book the I re-read quote a lot. 


Half A Heart: A book that broke your b4850f85-5128-49af-9202-81848746b29aheart/made you sad.

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole, I still almost cry every time I think of this book, it is amazing and so heartbreaking

Happily: A book that makes you happy.

67149965-2918-4a1b-b30c-408045a84d4eOh this is hard, there have been so many! One that comes to mind that I’ve recently read is To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han.


Story Of My Life: A book that has a character that you relate to.


All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover, I sort of relate to Quinn in this one, not exactly but I felt a real connection when I was reading this one. 


History: your favourite childhood book.

3f9fd6b1-06eb-418e-9fea-4abeb4db6b9dI loved anything by Jacquline Wilson when I was younger, especially the Tracy Beaker books. 


Drag Me Down: a story about a character that has his/her reputation tarnished.

Riley from After the Game by Abbi Glines.


Infinity: characters that you could read about forever.


I have to end with my favourite ever book couple, Hardin Scott and Tessa Young, from After by Anna Todd.















6 thoughts on “One Direction Book Tag!

  1. I really need to read the After series you always talk so highly about it! I loved Jacqueline Wilson as a child too!

    Jess //


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