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Unbreakable by Emma Scott

Alex Gardener has her life planned out, down to the smallest detail. She has a skyrocketing career as a litigation attorney, a close group of socialite friends, and is engaged to one of the most successful businessmen in Beverly Hills. Everything is just as she wants it: comfortable, predictable, secure…if lacking passion. Fire. 

Cory Bishop is a struggling working man, trying to make ends meet while fighting to keep custody his young daughter. He knows that working hard is the only way to achieve his goals, but lately it seems everything he wants hangs just out of reach. 

The bank robbery changes everything. 

Alex and Cory spend three harrowing days as hostages locked in a bank with fifty frightened people and six criminals who grow more desperate–and dangerous–by the hour. Alex and Cory find comfort and safety with each other and reveal their deepest hopes and fears and secrets, unknowingly building a bond forged out of desperation and fear, one that they can’t break, even once outside the bank’s walls. 

Their lives are turned upside down, irrevocably altered, and they seek to move on and put the robbery–and each other–behind them. 

But some bonds, once forged, cannot be broken.


I adore Emma Scott’s books, she is definitely one of my favourite authors. I have read a lot of her work, this story did not disappoint.

It was intense right from the start, I have never read anything with a storyline like this one. A bank robbery where the two main characters meet while being held hostage.

I fell in love right from the beginning, Cory and Alex were great characters, I loved watching them develop and their story flow and progress, I could have read so much more! Even though I loved the ending, the story was just that good.

Cory and Alex are two very different people living in opposite worlds with different dreams, wants and lifestyles. 

Alex has her life planned out, it’s not a very exciting life with a very busy work schedule, with not much time for anything else, including her personal relationships… Cory turns her life upside down, they end up spending a lot of time together, Alex feels obliged to help Cory out After when he done for her in the bank, at least that’s what she tells herself about why she is helping him.

Cory has his own worries and woes with some family issues, not so much money and a crappy job, and then being kicked out of his apartment… 

They both have their own problems and challenges, but in my eyes, they need each other to balance themselves out.

I really loved this book, it was fast paced, full of adrenaline and romance, the sex scenes were there but not an overload, it made the book that much better, who doesn’t love a bit of steamy romance?

I highly recommend  this book, even though it is intense and dramatic it is so well written and plotted that it doesn’t become unrealistic or over the top! 

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