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Blog Tour: Slay On Tour by Kim Curran

After Milly’s rescued from mortal danger by the hottest band on the planet, she hardly expects to join them… But now she’s headed to Tokyo, ready to track down a hellraising demon. And when SLAY are invited on tour with a super-cool band of holographic girls, it’s Milly’s turn to step into the spotlight. Except strange things start happening on the SLAY tour train. Suddenly it’s not just SLAY’s fans following their every move, but something very, very evil. Play time is over… Now it’s SLAY time.


I’m so excited to be part of the Slay On Tour blog tour!

Im the last stop in the tour, make sure to check out all the other blogs on the tour too!

I loved Slay when I read it last year, it was one of my favourite reads of 2018, and Slay On Tour did not disappoint. I loved this one just as much, if not more than the first! 

I love the dynamics in this book, all of the different personalities and diversities in the band make up a really great group of characters. They’re all such badasses, who doesn’t love a demon fighting boyband, and now with the addition of Milly who is just as kickass as the boys!

I loved the setting in this one! The band jet of to Japan to help a friend with a demon problem, and things certainly spiral from there, but the descriptions in this book were fabulous, I could just picture the cities even though I have never been to Japan, but this book has made me want to go even more than before.

I loved the little bits of Japanese mythology and the plot with the holograms and demons, it made it a really interesting read. The fighting scenes were just as good in this book too, the banter and the chemistry between the characters is paramount, I loved the little bit of romance thrown into the book.

The writing was fabulous, fast paced and interesting. You definitely wouldn’t get bored reading this. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, this is definitely not my go to genre but I love the Slay series and hope for more! 


3 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Slay On Tour by Kim Curran

  1. Demon fighting doesn’t sound like my usual kind of book but yet again your review has made me want to read it anyway! You always write such good reviews and this does sound like a really fun read!

    Jess //

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