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Whiteout by Gabriel Dylan

She sat us all down and told us a story. About things that lived in the woods. Things that only came out at night.’

For Charlie, a school ski trip is the perfect escape from his unhappy home life. Until a storm blows in and the resort town is cut off from the rest of the world. Trapped on the mountain, the students wait for the blizzards to pass, along with mysterious ski guide Hanna.

But as night falls and the town’s long buried secrets begin to surface, the storm is the least of their problems….


I am a big fan of the Red Eye series, I really enjoy scary things, I was so pleased when I was sent a copy of Whiteout for review, I got stuck right into reading it!

What could do wrong on a school skiing trip? There’s a few things I could think of, but none quite as crazy as what happened to Charlie and his fellow students on this trip, It starts with a snow storm and then vampire/zombie creatures come out to kill, it makes for a very tense read. 

Charlie was a bit of an outsider with his peers, a recent transfer to the school, with a lot of rumours to go along with him. Charlie is a bit of a lone wolf until he wakes up one morning, to find the teachers and adults all missing, a trail of blood and the snow storm so bad that it leaves no escape route. Charlie becomes a bit of a leader then, survival skills and instincts becoming apparent. They have no way to contact the outside world, then they find out this thing is even more sinister than it first seems, all they can do is try to survive. 

I love vampire related stories, I grew up watching Buffy and Angel, I love The Vampire Diaries and, for some reason had a bit of a love for Twilight. I love teasing about vampire-like creatures in YA, this was a great addition to the Red Eye series! 

The atmosphere, the tension and the fear this book brings out in you makes for a really great read! 

I couldn’t put it down, I just needed to know what happened next. 

I love the character development of Charlie. He’s often on the receiving end of snap judgements and criticism from his peers. But we learn, from his friendship with Hanna, a ski instructor that also took on a bit of a leadership role, that there is so much more to him than meets the eye. 

I really enjoyed this, if you love the Red Eye series, this is a really great addition, I highly recommend picking it up… it has made me think twice about ever going on a ski trip though…

2 thoughts on “Whiteout by Gabriel Dylan

  1. This sounds like a really gripping story, a skiing resort cut off from the rest of the world sounds like the perfect place for a thriller/horror. It sounds like a tense book and a real page turner, I’m intrigued to find out what happens. Thanks for sharing your review Lainy! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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