All My ‘Firsts’ Tag

I have had this post in my drafts for so long, I can’t remdner where I first saw it to give credit, I’m sorry! But here are quite a few of my firsts…

First app you check when you wake up in the morning?

Instagram, I usually have a little scroll on there before I get up for the day, usually only a minute or two though.

First broken bone?

My jaw! Which was traumatic, I was only 6 and fell and hit my jaw on the floor. I have broken a lot more since… I’m quite the accident prone.

First foreign country you ever visited?

Spain, when I was 6 or so with my Granny and Granda.

My first make-up item?

I think it might have been something from the Sabrina magazine, I collected the whole box of make up, purple mascara, hair mascara, you name it! Im not too sure what the first item was.

My first ever tape or CD?

Mine was a Steps cassette tape that I made my granda play in his car, one side was Chain reaction, and I can’t remember F656433D-0EAC-40E0-947B-2BE6733516CDwhat the other side was. 



My first car?

I don’t drive…I’m hopeless at it!

My first Celebrity crush?

Lee from Steps, and he is still looking good for being 40+ ha!

My first cooking experience?

Hmm properly on my own? Probably first year in school when we started Home Economics,  that’s all I can remember anyway. 

My first ever boyfriend/girlfriend?

There was a boy in my primary school class, now I don’t think that would have been considered a relationship…ha, but he was my ‘boyfriend’ at the time. 

My first ever mobile phone?

Nokia, I can’t remember the make but it was tiny and all I could do was text and play snake! Lol 

My first fear?

I was quite a fearless child, The first really bad fear I remember having was planes/flying, that was more when I was a teenager though, I don’t think it scared me when I was younger. Thankfully I am mostly over that now. 

My first internet activity?

Bebo! Top 16, video profile and leaving ‘love’ on my friends profiles, who didn’t love Bebo?

My first job?

My first job is still the job I’m doing now, a teaching assistant in a primary school. 

My first language?

English, it’s the only language I can speak 6CA3A7D0-A8D2-4B31-877D-433D1614EC0Falthough I can speak a little French.




First musical instrument?

I played the clarinet in primary school, I was never very good though. 

My first pet?

Rosie, a little Staffy that I really loved, I can’t even remember getting her, I was really young. 

My first piercing and when did I get it?

My ears, I had them done when I was in P1, but they got infected and I let them close and didn’t have them redone until I was 15.

My first tattoo?

A little tiny heart on my shoulder, I have 7 more now! 

My first soft toy?

I think it was a soft doll that my great aunt got me, called Skipper that I lost somewhere over the years, and it literally makes me so sad.

My first thought today?

I have a pain in my back/kidney area, so it was most likely that, I woke up early because it was really sore.

My first time on a ship?

Hmmm sometime when I was little and we went across to Scotland on the Stenaline.

The first book I remember reading?

My secret unicorn, ah I loved that book! I think it was a series, I read it when I was 10 or so. I know I read other books when I was younger, but that’s the first one I really remember reading by myself. 

The first concert I ever attended?

Steps! And I loved it so much, it started of my love for concerts!

The first film I remember seeing?

4CA7A360-7AA1-4648-AF57-378D330851FDOh gosh, either Dumbo or The Land Before time, I loved both of those when I was younger, I watched them so much.


The first person I talked to today?

My mum!

The first text I sent today?

I text my best friend, just random chatting. 

The first thing I do every morning?

Pick up my phone, thats probably a bad habit though…

The first thing I do when I get home?

Take my dog out for a walk. 0461986D-6570-493D-A562-100AA62CA0FD



The first time you ever got drunk?

Ummm when I was 14 at a wedding, it was only in my best friends neighbours garden,  they had a really small wedding and all my friends were there and we got rather drunk, I remember drinking quite a few Bicardi breezers.

One thought on “All My ‘Firsts’ Tag

  1. I loved Bebo and My Secret Unicorn too! This post made me feel so nostalgic!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


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