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Rosie Loves Jack By Mel Darbon

Rosie loves Jack. Jack loves Rosie. So when they’re separated, Rosie will do anything to find the boy who makes the sun shine in her head.

Even run away from home.

Even struggle across London and travel to Brighton, though the trains are cancelled and the snow is falling. Even though people might think a girl like Rosie could never survive on her own.


This book was a different sort of read that I’m used too, still the same contemporary YA, but only told from the point of view of Rose, a teenage girl with Downs Syndrome. I thought this was such a great POV, something very different that you very rarely see in YA! It was a very fresh and diverse take on a YA romance. 

I read this so quickly, it was so gripping, I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen to Rose, she sets off from her little hometown to find her boyfriend who has been sent away to Brighton to deal with some anger issues he has as a result of a brain issue.

And my goodness does Rose get herself into a bit of a situation, trains being cancelled due to snow, losing money, meeting the wrong people, for days she is missing, some of the situations and scenes in this book almost made me cry! I could imagine Rose going through all these horrible, unthinkable things, but yet she was so determined to get to Jack that she just kept going. The author wrote this book so well, I thought she portrayed Rose greatly. 

I really liked the flashbacks between Rosie and Jack, it kept the little bits romance throughout the story, even when they’re not together and Rose is having a hard time. I felt like it kept the reader captivated and wanting to know if there will be the happy ending.

All though romance plays a big part in the book that wasn’t just what the story was about, it mostly focused on Rose, who did have a lot of love in her, Jack was a lucky guy, although he did love her just as much, his postcards melted my heart! So cute! 

The end of the book was powerful and emotional, it was an ending I was happy with, but I didn’t find the book predictable at all, Rosie went through so much that I just wasn’t sure how it would end. 

The book, in my opinion got better and better throughout, I highly recommend it because it has great insight to topics that aren’t covered enough in YA.


This book was honestly a tough read, there were difficult themes and I had a real fear for Rose, the world is so cruel, I remember getting lost once when I was a teenager, there was this boy I fancied who lived in a town about an hour away from where I live, I had a friend who lived there so I would see him when I visited, but my friend from the town was on holiday and the youth club had an event on, the guy I fancied asked me if I was going, I said yes, because I just had to go! 

I took another friend from home with me, I didn’t drive so we got the train, the event ended quite late, we were catching the last train home, a girl from the youth club dropped us at the train station, we waited and waited for the last train that was timetabled, finally a train came and zoomed straight past without stopping, I remember just looking at my friend in sheer panic, we had no idea what to do, I didn’t have anyone’s number that could come help us and my internet data had run out so I couldn’t go on Facebook. 

There was no one else about, it wasn’t a huge train station, just a platform as it was a really small town. Our phones were running out of battery, my parents don’t drive and my friends mum didn’t have a car at the time. We thought we’d had to stay there until the next morning, but somehow a train came, an hour after the last train was supposed to come, we got home safe, a lot later than expected and with worried parents, as we obviously had to call them. That was no where near as bad as what happened to Rose in the story, but I remember how scared I was, reading about what happened to Rose made me feel so uneasy. 

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