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Disney Pixar This Or That

I saw this post so long ago, on Jess’s blog and I really wanted to do it, it’s taken me so long, but here are my Disney Pixar This Or That answers!

Inside Out vs The Good Dinosaur: Inside Out, I haven’t really watched The Good 304608F2-02DA-4972-BCF1-C3207FACB8D1Dinosaur properly though! But I do like Inside Out, it’s got a really good message!


Toy Story 2 vs Coco: Coco! 8FC96E45-0E0D-449D-9066-42B573DC0C2BI like the Toy Story movies, they’re classics! But I loved Coco, I thought it was brilliant and something really different.

Finding Nemo vs Toy Story 3: Oh this is tough, like I said I love the Toy Story 712A3A7C-3B3C-429E-90EE-7652535074ACmovies, but I think I’ve watched Finding Nemo more, I honestly don’t know which I would choose… but I think I’m going to go with Toy Story 3, the Toy Story movies are classics and number 3 is probably my favourite!

Ratatouille vs Wall-E: Hmmm I’m not B229B117-2DBD-44F2-A744-062E09243294fussed about either of these! I’ve not seen Wall-E so I guess Ratatouille, but I wouldn’t rush to watch either.


Cars 2 vs Finding Dory: Finding Dory for 37CB2FDB-1998-4FD4-B36C-81284634C845me, I’m not a huge fan of the Cars films, and I really loved Finding Dory.


Toy Story vs Monsters University: 921DE089-5522-4F8B-8C60-07951F5CDFF1Monsters University, I love Toy Story but the Monsters Inc movies are some of my favourite Pixar movies!


Cars vs Monsters Inc: Definitely 6222D291-1F64-4A62-B2BE-F6F29A6114B6Monsters Inc, it’s such a great movie, probably my favourite Pixar movie!


A Bug’s Life vs Cars 3: I B14812BD-8A33-49EA-A952-2CC61D5994CDdidn’t even know there was a Cars 3! But even if I had seen it I adore A Bugs Life! It was one of my favourite movies as a kid.


The Incredibles vs La Luna: I’ve not heard of La Luna, oh dear! So The 41FB59EA-CF5F-46C8-A9D8-3124430C4D44Incredibles it is, although I have only just watched it! But I did enjoy it.


6830DD9C-2E03-4931-B691-B8A2280F574AUp vs Brave: Brave, I liked Up, but I love me a Princess! Merida is great!

6 thoughts on “Disney Pixar This Or That

  1. Ooh, there are so many Disney films here that I am yet to see! I need to watch Coco, I reviewed a Day Of The Dead themed stationery box a few weeks ago and so many people told me to check out the film as it was amazing! This post has made me want to see it even more! Thanks for sharing, fab post! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  2. I can see why this post would take a while to do, it would be so hard to make choices between so many of these films! Well done for doing it 😛 I think I would get stuck, haha. I used to love ‘A Bug’s Life’ when I was younger, I remember also having a game of it haha. This has also made me realise there are a few films I haven’t seen before!


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  3. Some of these choices are literally so hard! Like Toy Story and Finding Nemo, I’m so emotionally attached to characters from both films and they’re both so nostalgic, I honestly wouldn’t know which one to go for. I feel bad because so many people love Coco but I just didn’t love it that much. I love Inside Out though, I’d watch that over and over again! Same with Ratatouille, for some reason I just love that film so much haha x

    Alice {http://www.accordingtoalicex.com}

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