Shawn Mendes Book Tag


I didn’t create this tag, I found it here, thanks for creating this tag, it was really fun! I’m really loving Shawn Mendes at the minute! (The photos used aren’t mine)



In My Blood – A book that deals with anxiety

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella.

Nervous – A book you were

nervous to read because it might not live up to your expectations.

After The Fire by Will Hill, I had heard so many good things about this book and was so nervous to read it as it wasn’t my usual choice, but it totally lived up to the hype I’d seen!

Lost In Japan – A book set in Japan or that references Japanese culture.

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman, Kiko is half Japanese and spends a lot of the book exploring her culture. 

Where Were You In The Morning? – A book you were still thinking about the morning after you finished it.

After by Anna Todd, I’m still thinking about that book/series now!

Like To Be You (feat. Julia Michaels) – A character that’s very different to you that you would be interested in swapping places with for a day.

Stormchaser from The Extinction Trials, I would love to live her life for a day, maybe just a day though!

Fallin’ All In You – A book character that you could see yourself falling in love with.

At the minute it might have to be Peter from To All The Boyd I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, he is incredibly loveable!

Particular Taste – Your favourite genre and one of your favourite book from that genre. 

My all time favourite genre is YA/NA romance, there are so so many books to choose, After by Anna Todd is my favourite book of all time though. 

Why – A book that makes you wonder why it took so long for you to finally read it.

I have so many of these! Hmm I’m going to go with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, that poor book sat on my shelf for almost two years I think! And now its one of my favourites. 

Because I Had You – A book you love so much that it makes you feel like you don’t need any other book in your life.

After by Anna Todd, goodness I feel like this appears in a lottttt of my answers in these tags! Whoops! (I’m passionate) 

Queen- A character who thinks they’re superior or in charge and acts like a queen.

Lexi Volkov from Clean by Juno Dawson, at the beginning she acted a bit like she was always in charge and could do whatever she wanted.

Youth (feat. Khalid) – A book that reminds you of your childhood.

Any of the Tracy Beaker books bring back my childhood, I loved them so much! 

Mutual – A book both you and a friend agree is amazing.

Whoops, we’re back to the After Series by Anna Todd, I thankfully have convinced a few of my best friends to read it and now that love it too.

Perfectly Wrong – A character that you love but probably shouldn’t.

I can’t really think of one for this, so I’m going to go with Hardin from After and just keep with my fangirling of this series, he’s a bit of an idiot to be honest, but I love him! 

When You’re Ready – An author that you are waiting on to release their next book.

I’m always waiting for more Anna Todd books, and right now I’m looking forward to Colleen Hoovers upcoming December release! 


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