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Harry Styles Book Tag

Hi! I thought for this post I would combine two of my favourite things, books and Harry Styles, I couldn’t find a tag for this, so I’ve made my own! I adore Harry and his music, please feel free to use this tag if your a Harry fan, but do please credit me!


1. Kiwi: A book with a title that has nothing to do with the book.

This was quite hard…most of the books I’ve read have titles that have something to do with the book, so I’m going to go with To Kill A Mockingbird, most people obviously know it has nothing to do with a bird…but still.

2. Sign of the times: A sad/emotional book with a happy/hopeful ending.

Hmm I’ve read quite a few sad books, I’m going to go with my favourite Ugly Cry book which is A Thousand Boy Kissed by Tillie Cole, it does had a sort of happy ending.

3. Ever since New York: A book set in New York City.

I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Foreman.

4. Sweet Creature: A book where a character helps another character out, physically or metaphorically bringing them home.

Without Merit, Merit was a bit lost and out of the loop with her family until she met Sagan and he sort of helped bring the family together, creating a more of a happy home like scenario.

5. Two Ghosts: A character that goes through a change.

Moonbeam, from After The Fire by Will Hill. She definitely goes through a big change through the story.

6. Meet me in the hallway: A completed book series or book that you wish could continue.

The After Series by Anna Todd, this will always be my answered a question like this,  I could read about these characters for the rest of my life and never get bored! The series is already so long but I could always read more!

7. Woman: A book with a selfish/jealous character.

I guess Lara Jean becomes a bit jealous of Gen in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Series, and then vice versa when Gen becomes jealous of Lara Jean, and who is also portrayed as a bit of a selfish character.

8. Only Angel: A book where a character isn’t as innocent as they seem.

I have to go with Tessa from After by Anna Todd, she starts of as innocent and sweet and the when she meets Hardin that all changes, and we see a different side to her that isn’t innocent at all.

9. Medicine: A book with a character who has an illness.

Hedda battles Anorexia in Countless by Karen Gregory, both a physical and mental illness. It’s an illness that we don’t see a lot on books, especially YA. 

10. Anna: A book with a character called Anna.

Anna, from Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

11. From The Dining Room Table:  A book about a character who misses/ hasn’t spoken to another character for a while.  

Eden and Tyler in the DIMILY trilogy, when Tyler disappears for a long time, leaning Eden to miss him.

12. Carolina: A book with a feisty female lead, someone worthy of having a song written about them. 

Stormchaser from the extinction trails is so feisty, I’m pretty sure if Harry ever met her he’d write a song about her.


11 thoughts on “Harry Styles Book Tag

  1. This was such an interesting tag, it’s so cool that you came up with it yourself!! I have After The Fire on my TBR but haven’t got round to reading it yet and I Have Lost My Way is on my Amazon Wishlist!

    Jess //

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