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My Horror Movie Top Picks

Hi, so now that Halloween is approaching, one of my favourite timed of the year, it comes with cosy nights in with horror films… 

I absolutely love horror films, I’m not very easily scared so I’m always hunting for super scary/creepy things to watch, I thought I would list some of my favourites, without any spoiler. Ones that even I found a little creepy/scary!

The Unborn, this was one of the first horror films I really loved, I think I 1C6EEB3D-0696-460A-A93E-78CC6AF52CC4watched it in the cinema 3 times when I was younger. There are some really jumpy/scary scenes in it. 

The Haunting Of Winchester House, I cant really 78122AC1-CF48-4BB6-BB9B-945D669B987Dremember the full plot of this one, but I do remember feeling a bit creeped out by it. There was definitely quite a few scary bits in this one!

The Conjuring, this was quite popular when it was released, I loved the storyline in 5974A071-02F6-4AC2-B0AB-3A3D9F75EDFFthis one, and the wardrobe scene… creeped me out! Definitely a good watch if you want to be scared!

Paranormal Activity 3, I went to the cinema to see this one with two of my best friends who can’t handle 9BF82768-EB66-4513-99B1-B4B07CB9FC69scary films, there are LOTS of screamers in this one, I loved it! I ended up having to go over to my friends house after we all went home that night, it freaked them out so much they wouldn’t sleep alone

The Orphan, the storyline throughout this one was really creepy! I enjoyed this C9BAAA05-9E2B-4048-A618-B1ECC44C41C2one, it wasn’t the scariest at all, it was the plot line that was quite creepy, the twist is what made it good and made it quite creepy!

As well as horror movies I just wanted to add in a TV series, I haven’t watched a lot of scary TV series’ but the best one had to be The Haunting Of Hill House, it’s just 430B6C65-099D-47E4-8C7F-159358D44DF4been released on Netflix, and it is brilliant, it’s creepy, there’s quite a few screamers and it has a really great plot, I would recommend this highly, especially for a Halloween watch! 

I know Horror movies aren’t for everyone, but these are just a few of the ones I’ve liked over the years, what’s your favourite?

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