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Your Turn To Die by Sue Wallman

Sue Wallman’s most spine-tingling thriller yet! Every winter, three families gather in an old house in the country to celebrate the New Year. This year, 15-year-old Leah and the other two teens discover that the house has a dark past: a deathbed confession led the police to the buried body of a teenage girl earlier in the year, who had gone missing 50 years before. As the teens investigate the morbid history, terrible things start happening around the house. And if Leah isn’t careful, this New Year might be her last.


When I was going through my shelves to pick out some books for my immediate TBR, a lot of the murder mystery/thriller books were jumping out at me, so there’s quite a few coming up for me to read.

Lying About Last Summer was good, I like it when I read that, but Your Turn to Die was fantastic, a really great YA thriller, I loved it right from the beginning, I was totally hooked. The writing was great and flowed well, and it wasn’t a very long book, making it very easy to read in one sitting.  I just couldn’t put it down. 

The story follows Leah who is joining her family and family friends for their annual Nee Years at Roeshot House, a holiday home they visit every year, this year however a grizzly secret is discovered in the garden. New girl who is brought along with Leah’s aunt, Tatum is a film student and wants to make a documentary on the discovery of the body buried in the Garden, Leah, her cousin Ivy, friend Jakub and Tatum start our trying to uncover the mystery, speaking to old friends of the family involved. But things start happening in the house, weird things that have never happened before, at times we are lead to believe that maybe the house is haunted. 

Poppy, Ivy’s little sister, an eight-year old girl who has spent the last year being very very ill is a great character too and is very important for the story, I really like how she was written. 

I really loved the characters and the development, Leah was sassy and was written very well, her little relationship was Evan was a nice little added but of romance for the story. The characters sometimes seemed a little younger even than they were supposed to be, or maybe just a bit naive and innocent, which was actually quite nice. 

I loved the concept. An interesting and slightly creepy setting, a  close-knit group of characters, and I also really liked the dark undercurrent that ran throughout the book, which made me feel like something sinister may be laying around the corner.

The ending however, when we discovered what was happening really shocked me, it was brilliant and not what I was expecting at all. I tried to think back to clues in the book that may have lead to that ending, but I couldn’t find any. It was completely unexpected, a real twist. 

12 thoughts on “Your Turn To Die by Sue Wallman

  1. This book sounds absolutely amazing! Your book reviews are always fab and I usually end up buying 99% of the books you talk about! Definitely putting this on my wishlist

    Jess //

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  2. I love the sound of this! I’m a huge fan of mystery/thriller/murder novels and so is my mum so this book is definitely going on to the list of books I’m going to buy soon. I’m actually so excited now to buy this and give it a read ❤

    Amy x |

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