Disney Movies This Or That

I adore Disney movies, I read Jess’s post doing this tag and just had to do it, check her answers out here


Cinderella vs Tarzan: Definitely Cinderella, I love both the classic animation and the love action version, princess movies are always a winner for me!  

Alice in Wonderland vs Beauty and the Beast: I love both but Beauty and the Beast takes the top spot for me, I love the music and again, it’s a princess movie. 

The Lion King vs Bambi: People night find this controversial, but Bambi for sure, I didn’t actually see The Lion King until I was 16! But Bambi was my childhood favourite. But I do ADORE the songs in The Lion King.

Snow White vs Big Hero 6: even though Snow White is a princess film I’m going to have to go with Big Hero 6, that is one of my all time favourite Disney films, it is so great!

Aladdin vs Tangled: Tangled wins this one, I love it. It is also one of my all time favourite! 

The Princess and the Frog vs The Sword in the Stone: Oh, this one is tough as I don’t really love either, but I did enjoy The Sword and the Stone when I was a kid, so I’ll go for that one. 

Mulan vs Oliver and Company: Oliver and Company, I clearly loved all the animal movies when I was younger, this was a big favourite of mine!

Atlantis vs The Little Mermaid: The Little Mermaid, 100% I love it, the music, the characters, such a wonderful film. 

Basil the Great Mouse Detective vs Hercules: umm again I don’t love either of these, in fact I can’t really remember even watching any of these two so I don’t think I could choose one. 

Sleeping Beauty vs The Jungle Book: Ah I love both of these, but Sleeping Beauty is my all time favourite Disney film. This is the toughest one because I really really love The Jungle Book, but Aurora and the whole film is just the best!

Winnie the Pooh vs The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Probably Winnie The Pooh but I’m not crazy for either of these. 

Pinocchio vs Moana: I’m not overly keen on Pinocchio, so Moans wins this one, I’ve only watched it twice but it is a great movie, The Rock is awesome! And I love the songs. 

Frozen vs Pocahontas:  Definitely Frozen, I was one of those who jumped on that bandwagon, what a great movie! 

Zootropolis vs Lilo and Stitch: Zootropolis takes this one for me! It really made me laugh and I just thought it was really fun! 

Fantasia vs The Rescuers: I’ve only seen The Rescuers once but I’ve never watched Fantasia, so I can’t really choose between these two as I don’t particularly like either.

The Aristocats vs Meet the Robinsons: The Aristocats, again one of my childhood favourites that I still love now, and I’ve never watched Meet The Robinson’s. 

Robin Hood vs Dumbo: Dumbo Dumbo Dumbo, I watched Dumbo over and over when I was little and still do now, it’s an all time favourite of mine and is where my love of elephants came from! 

Peter Pan vs The Fox and the Hound: these are both great films! I love the Fox and the Hound so much, I cried so many times at that film, but I love Peter Pan too, they are both great films, I think I’ll choose The Fox and The Hound though. 

Wreck It Ralph vs 101 Dalmatians: 101 Dalmatians for sure, I’ve only watched a bit of Wreck it Ralph and I wasn’t a fan. Where are I adore 101 Dalmatians, seriously I just love the animal films! Ha! 

This was such a fun tag! If you do it yourself I would love to see your answers! 🙂 

15 thoughts on “Disney Movies This Or That

  1. Really enjoyed reading your answers, thankyou so much for linking my post! Oh man Hunchback and Wreck It Ralph are two of my favourites I can’t believe you’re not keen on them! Disney has something for everyone though that’s what’s great about them!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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  2. That’s an interesting post… enjoyed reading..
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  3. Such a nostalgic post! ❤
    I was a huuuuuugeee fan of the little mermaid. I kept singing those songs until it drove my parents crazy. And in the swimming pool I would pretend to be a mermaid.
    Dumbo was also somehow an obsession for me. When I watched it as an adult I realized why. It was because Dumbo was bullied and so was I. I just cried waterfalls watching it .
    Rose – http://www.rainbowsdreamcloud.com

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  4. I’m impressed you’ve seen so many of these films. If I had to do this tag I’d reply Alice in Wonderland and Little Mermaid to all the questions 🙂

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  5. Ah Disney! I think they’re all so difficult to compare – confession though I collect the mugs not the films! The Disney store saw me coming! Fave has to be Frozen 😂 seen it so many times with the kids I’ve memorised all the lines!

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  6. Really love this post! I may have to do it myself if I get the chance. I’m a Disney lover, with Beauty and the Beast being my all time fave!

    Sammy – seekingsammy.com

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