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Etsy Store Prints- WithAnOceanView

I recently ordered some prints and bookmarks from Zoe’s online Etsy store and I HAD to do a little post about them because they are beautiful! (This is not a sponsored post, I just loved them)

I’m currently about to start redecorating my room, so I wanted something nice fit my walls, I recently LA, where I went to Disneyland so the two A5 prints I chose will fit in so perfectly with my photos from that trip, look how lovely they are! The Sleeping Beauty print also came with some cute little stickers which were a really nice added bonus. 

The quality is really lovely, the prints are a really sturdy card/paper, they’ll work well either in a frame or just stuck onto my wall, I can’t wait to get them up! 

I also ordered two bookmarks, the design is inspired by Gilmore Girls, which I love! I adore bookmarks and have quite a large collection, these are a great addition, again really great quality and size! 🙂 38156056-625B-49D0-86AE-B3BEA9499677

There are so many lovely things on the Etsy store for such brilliant prices, I would highly recommend ordering anything that catches your eye, here a link to the store:

Lainy x 

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