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Nowhere Else But Here by Rachel Cotton

Rose Valentine prefers to keep herself to herself. Life is easier when you stick to the rules and stay out of other people’s business. So why is she so intrigued by Theo Lockhart? Sure, he’s handsome – everyone knows that, including him. Sometimes he makes her laugh. But he’s also aloof, moody, and impossible to get to know. Rose should know, she’s tried. After two years of being Chemistry partners, she still doesn’t know a single thing about him.

When Theo disappears from town, Rose assumes he’s done a runner. She’s sure of it – right up until he turns up on her doorstep, asking to hide out at her house. Why is he running? And more importantly, why did he choose her? Letting him in means going against everything Rose believes in. It’s reckless and risky and definitely against the rules.

But there’s something about Theo that makes Rose want to break the rules . . . As he turns Rose’s world upside down, and even though she begins to enjoy it, they both know that the real world still exists outside the safe confinement of Rose’s bedroom. But can things ever go back to normal?


Nowhere Else But Here is a Contemporary YA romance, it is a cliche romance, honestly my favourite genre, I was very excited to receive this book. Thank you so much to Inkroad for sending me a copy and including me on the blog tour.

This is a story about two teens falling in love for the first time. It is sweet, and a little rocky, just like young love is. 

The story starts of with the disappearance of a young boy, Theo. We meet Rose who is spending her time after school searching for Theo with some fellow classmates. Theo then turns up on Rose’s doorstep, Rose’s parents work a lot and she spends a lot of time home alone, which makes it almost easy for her to hide Theo in her bedroom. They barely know each other, but they start to develop a friendship with Theo spending days holed up in Rose’s room. Theo was a bit aloof with Rose, he seemed to be hiding some sort of secret, at school he is quiet and doesn’t really interact with anyone, Rose seems to make it a bit of a mission fi have him open up, but she never pushes which I think is sweet.

I did guess the reason for Theo’s disappearance quite a bit before it was revealed in the book, not because it was hugely cliched or obvious, I had a couple of theories and that just happened to be one. 

The search still continues for Theo, with Rose still helping until it all fizzles out, and then Theo and Rose’s arrangement gets thwarted when Theo is discovered and taken back to his parents. That scene was written brilliantly in my opinion.

After that we see Theo and Rose both go through a lot, wondering if they’ll make it or if that few weeks was it. 

I enjoyed the story, it was very cute. I loved watching the relationship between Theo and Rose develop, I enjoyed the dynamics of the relationship between Theo and Rose, he had to let someone get close to him, and she had to let go of some of her boundaries and ‘rules’ that she had in place. 

Another thing that I enjoyed is that although the book is a cute/cliche read, it still covers sensitive topics, there is domestic abuse and rocky relationships between the parents and their children.

I did however think that some of the story might have been more thoroughly enjoyed by a younger reader, but it didn’t stop me reading the book or enjoying it, just that some of the content did particularly relate to me, but I am a slightly older YA reader, so it takes nothing away from the book. 

Rachel Cotton is only 17 and has a published novel, that is so impressive.

I can’t wait to read another book from her! 

4 thoughts on “Nowhere Else But Here by Rachel Cotton

  1. Wow how awesome to be published at 17! I think young adults writing more YA is so important, wish there’d been more YA romance when I was younger , great review!

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