#SixForSunday – Questions I Have For Authors

#SixForSunday is a weekly tag, you can find the all the topics Here

This weeks topic is…Questions for authors?

1. I don’t know about anyone else but the first question that pops into my head is HOW DO YOU FINISH A BOOK? I have tried quite a few times to write a ‘story’ and I think the most I’ve gotten to is around 60,000 words of pure rubbish! Lol

2. Do you keep notebooks of ideas? And jot things down when they come to you?

3. How on earth do you decide character names? I find this hard because I’m like do I want to use friends/family names or make them up?

4. How do you balance book writing and other life things?

5. How did you get published? I know there are many different ways so I always find that question really interesting.

6. Do you write from real life experience, mix a bit in, or completely make everything up?


Being a book lover I have such reject for authors, I love reading and I do also enjoy writing, I would never do anything with the pieces I write, mainly because I never finish them, but it really is a nice way to relax!

Do you have any different questions you would ask authors?

17 thoughts on “#SixForSunday – Questions I Have For Authors

  1. I feel like you nailed all the good questions. I had a time in my life when I wrote letters to all the authors I loved. I did get many letters back tbh ^^ It was amazing :3

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  2. I think all book lovers have tried the writing thing at some point. I definitely have but I think I’ll stick to reading instead.
    My question would be: how do you not allow negative reviews to get you down?


  3. I love these questions. I’m not a published author (yet), but I’m an aspiring one, and I definitely have one or two (or a hundred) questions I’d love to ask published authors! One question I’d ask that you haven’t mentioned is how do they allow an editor to cut scenes from their book that they had considered to be important/cute/a tell-all about the character? My characters feel so much like my babies by the time I’ve finished a first draft that I couldn’t imagine handing them over to someone else to cut through!

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  4. Love these questions. Even though I’m not an author, I’d like to say that I am rather an aspiring one and I definitely feel you regarding to your first question. 😅 I think we just have to believe in ourselves a little bit more but most importantly, don’t give up! Great post hun. x Ain

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  5. You’ve picked some great questions to ask! I’d never be able to write a book I was never good at creative writing at school I always struggled to come up with ideas! I agree with you I wouldn’t know whether to use family/friends names or make them up!

    Jess //

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