#SixForSunday- Places To Read

#SixForSunday is a weekly tag, you can find the all the topics here 

  1. The main place I usually read is in or on my bed, sometimes I like to get snuggled up under the covers and sometimes I just like to sit on top
  2. My sofa, only when it is quiet downstairs though.
  3. The bath, although I don’t actually have a bath I find it very relaxing to read while having a hot bath, and obviously not damage the book (which I have never done). 
  4. The beach, I don’t go very often, especially not to read, but it is very peaceful.
  5. The park, same as the beach, sometimes it’s nice to just sit outdoors with a book.
  6. The top of my stairs, this is a very random one, but in summer my dog runs around in an out if our hallway and into our little front garden, I usually plonk myself at the top of the stairs so that I can keep an eye on him, I read and that way we are both entertained for a while.


Where do you read? Any different places that me? 

(And yes that is a One Direction pillow! Ha!)

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