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LA, 2018

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to visit Los Angeles, it always looks so glamorous and fun, the sun always seems to be shining and it looks like there is so much to do.

I was lucky enough to be able to book a 10 day holiday to LA last year, and then the countdown begun. It felt like I waited forever, I had never been so excited for a holiday. It still doesn’t feel real that I’ve really been.


LA did not disappoint.

As soon as I got there I fell in love, we got an Uber from the airport to our hotel and I was mesmerised looking out the window as we drove on the freeways, there was palm trees everywhere, exactly how I had imagined it. Our hotel was gorgeous, we stayed Downtown in the Omni Hotel, I forgot to take photos of the hotel so these ones are just from their website, but this is exactly what it is like. It was definitely the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

The first full day we went to Santa Monica, which was 45 minutes away on the metro, it was super easy to get to. We spent some time on the beach, we went in the Pacific wheel at Pacific park on the pier and then we went shopping on 3rd St promenade, the whole place was gorgeous. We got on the ‘hop on hop off’ sight seeing bus to take us back, we managed to do quite a lot and see a lot of places on the first day, we went to The Grove shopping location as it was one of the stops and then we finished up in Hollywood.

The next day we went to Disneyland, I’ve already done a whole blog post on that.

Tuesday we went to Warner Bros studios, it was so fun to see insure it a working studio, we see the sets, I actually walked through Rosewood (PLL) and Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls) I’m such a huge fan of those shows, my fab girl really came out. The one set we were allowed to go inside was The Ellen Show, we walked through the actual set, saw all the cameras and lights and got shown roughly what’s happens when they film. We went back to Hollywood that night, we spent a lot of the trip in Hollywood, it was quite close to our hotel and I loved it, there was always such an atmosphere about, the street performers and venders are great! Hollywood has most of my favourite places to eat, Dave and Buster was amazing, they did great food and had a load of sports shows on, but there was also a games arcade, it was games where you won tickets to exchange for prizes, the 10 year old in me definitely came out then, we went there three times, I won a Pop Vynal of Tommy from The Rugrats and bathbombs, sweeties and some pens!

Universal Studios wasn’t my favourite part, however the Harry Potter land was amazing, a huge Howarts and all the shops from Hogsmede, it was amazing to see and walk through, I loved that bit so much. We done the Hogwarts rude too which was amazing, it was a virtual reality type thing, it was as if you were flying on a broom, so it if you ever get the chance, we waited in line for just under an hour, but it was so worth it.
The other parts of the park didn’t really interest me much although the were great to see! The studio tour was epic, we got to see another real tv/movie studio, but this one had special parts that were like rides, virtual reality sort of things, one was Jurassic Park and the other was Fast and Furious, they were so good!

We went to Disney California Adventure on the Thursday, it was so much more chill than Disneyland, some of the queues weren’t long at all and we got fast passes for all of the others! Once again I got to meet a whole load of characters and the food was amazing, Disney is wholeheartedly my favourite place on earth, I’m already planning to go to Disneyland Paris at the end of the year.

After Thursday we didn’t have anything else booked, so our schedule was a bit looser. We went to the Zoo, where I got to feed a giraffe which was an incredible experience, there were so many animals that I had never seen in real life before, I wish I had taken so many more pictures, but I was trying to ‘live in the moment’ for once.

This is turning into quite a long post so I’m going to wrap it up, we done the science centre, went to the cinema, went to Venice beach and boardwalk, Madame Tussaud’s, Ripleys, done a lot of shopping and just had the best time.

I think one of my favourite things about LA, or America in general is the good, it is so good! And I also got a chai latte with Harry Styles’ face on it, so yeah…I’ll just leave it there.

Lainy x

6 thoughts on “LA, 2018

  1. Gorgeous pics! The chai latte with Harry Styles’ face on it takes the cake haha. I’ve been to LA a few times, it’s one of my favorite US cities. Gorgeous and movie-like!

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  2. Looks like you had a fab time hun! I’ve only ever visited Disneyland Paris but I’d love to visit other Disney parks from around the world! If you need any advice/help with planning Paris let me know on Twitter and I’ll try to help as much as I can! Great post lovely ❤

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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