Disneyland, LA

Hi everyone!

This is kind of a different post, I have never done a Disney/lifestyle play before, but then again I have never been to Disney! I hope you don’t mind me posting this blog, I honestly just want to remember this day because it has been amazing! I went while on holiday in Los Angeles with my sister.

We got up super early to get ready, my alarm was set for 5:10am! We caught the train and then a taxi to the park, as soon as we entered the park we went to get ears, because obviously! I got the sparkly rose gold ones, which I love.

The first ride we went on was Peter Pans flight, the wait time said 45 minutes, we probably ended up waiting around 30 minutes which wasn’t bad at all, straight after that we walked straight onto Pinocchios Daring Journey, there was no wait time, while we did these rides we made us of our fast pass option and chose a fast pass for Indiana Jones Adventure, and as soon as our time slot was available for that one we got a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


Before we went on another ride we went through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and lined up to meet the princess, this honestly is one, of not the favourite part of my day, I’ve loved Disney princesses forever! They were all so professional and stayed in character, and they are beautiful and so fun to meet!

We got on our two fast pass rides just after this, they were both really fun rides, the Indiana Jones ride was brilliant, I didn’t stop laughing as we went through the bumps and dips! After that we got a fast pass for Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin so we headed to ToonTown, I don’t know if anyone of you played the Disney ToonTown game when you were little? I loved it and going to ToonTown even though it’s directed more at children was awesome, we went on the ride and then we met Pluto, who was adorably cute! We tried to meet Mickey and Minnie, but the lines were 75 minutes and by this point we were so hungry, so we sat down for something to eat.


Next we got a fast pass for Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters, I loved that ride, it was a game where you had to shoot the targets on the way round, my sister son at the last second, I was winning the whole way through! Typical, ha! After this ride we went on Autopia, which I think was my favourite ride all day, you have to drive your own car around the track, I honestly didn’t think I would have to control it, but I did, it was super fun and I was pretty proud when I didn’t crash into the car in front.


The last fastpass we requested was for the Matterhorn Bobsleds, the park was packed so this fast pass was for later and when the time came for it there was only passed left for really late time! While we waited the few hours we went to the Royal Theatre to watch a show of Tangled, which was great, it told the story in a really comical way.


We went to do some shopping then, looking through all the shops on Main Street, I bought the most gorgeous Dumbo purse, Dumbo is my favourite love, unfortunately the Dumbo ride wasn’t open as it was being refurbished, I’ll just have to come back to do that one! I also got some Mickey birthstone earrings, a photo frame magnet, a pen and I bought a necklace for my friend with her initial and a little Mickey on it. When we had finished shopping we sat down and had a little treat from one of the shops, I had a chocolate covered pineapple stick which was so flipping good! We walked around a few of the lands before our time for the Matterhorn was up.

We went back to ToonTown then to check the wait time for Mickey and Minnie but it was still an hour, I was really hungry and tired so we didn’t wait, we decided to queue for the Pirates of The Caribbean ride instead, we waited for about 25 minutes which was really short, the line had been massive all day! That was the last ride we did, when we finished on that we walked through New Orleans Square, heading back to Tomorrowland for some food, just burger and fries but it was so needed, both me and my sister were super hungry. After this we headed home, everyone was queuing and lining the streets for the parade and fireworks, but we were far too exhausted to stay, I’m gutted we missed that but we do have another day on Thursday! It was so crowded at the end when everyone came out to find a place to sit or stand, it was crazy to see how many people were actually there, it hasn’t seemed that many all day. We decided to ditch our train tickets because we would have had to wait until 11:10pm and it was only 9! But being up from so early definitely caught up with us, we caught an Uber straight back to our hotel.

I loved the hotel day, it was so magical. The rides, the characters, the food and the staff were amazing, Disney might just be my favourite place on earth!



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