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Along The Indigo by Elsie Chapman

The town of Glory is famous for two things: businesses that front for seedy, if not illegal, enterprises and the suicides that happen along the Indigo River. Marsden is desperate to escape the “bed-and-breakfast” where her mother works as a prostitute—and where her own fate has been decided—and she wants to give her little sister a better life. But escape means money, which leads Mars to skimming the bodies that show up along the Indigo River. It’s there that she runs into Jude, who has secrets of his own and whose brother’s suicide may be linked to Mars’s own sordid family history. As they grow closer, the two unearth secrets that could allow them to move forward . . . or chain them to the Indigo forever.


I got sent this book to review, so thank you very much to the publisher for that! It releases on March 20th 2018 (Tomorrow!)

The story is about a girl called Marsden who lives in a town called Glory, known for the shady after dark hours of its businesses. Marsden lives in a boardinghouse that covers as a brothel where her mum works, not as a housekeeper like she tells everyone, but as a prostitute.
The Covert that belongs to Marsdens family is just outside the boardinghouse, there are so many stories and so much history with the covert, it is where people go to commit suicide. Marsden gets a visit from Jude, who’s brother recently took his own life in the covert, he wants to find a tin that his brother buried there, but the pair find a lot of secrets while they try to locate the tin.

This was the first book I’d read my Elsie Chapman.
It was a different book from ones I usually read, it was told in third person, the books I read are usually told in first person, it took a few chapters to get used to the writing style, but I found it nice to read something different. The diversity in the book was very fresh too, not the usual type of book I read.

The descriptions in Along The Indigo were brilliantly, Everything was written so descriptively. I felt like I could clearly picture the characters and the settings. The characters were written brilliant, I especially loved Wynn, Marsden’s little sister, she added some fun and cuteness to the story!

I was in a bit of a reading rut when I started this book, it took me a while to get into it, when I eventually did I felt like it really flowed, it was written and laid out very well to make it an enjoyable read!
I sort of guessed part of the plot early on, but it didn’t take anything away from the story, I was still shocked at one of the revelations in the later pages.

The story was a bit of a slow burner, but from about page 150 to the end I could not put it down, there were so many secrets uncovered in the town of Glory, and the developing relationship ship between Marsden and Jude made me not want to stop reading.

This was a good read that I really did enjoy and would recommend, stick with the story, it really does turn out to be a lovely one, with a little sprinkle of magic thrown in too!

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