My Bad Reading Habits

I watched a video by my fab booktuber on this so I thought I would do a post on my bad reading habits, I’m going to tag a few people too, (this is probably a tag, right?)


1. Getting distracted: I love reading so much and I love getting sucked into a book but I am so easily distracted it is unreal! I need to find myself a room with nothing in it for future reading, me, a chair and a book!
2. Skim reading: I do this with books that I’m not enjoying too much or if I’m finding a certain big boring, I also however do it when I’m really loving and a book and just NEED to get to the end.
3. Forever adding to my TBR: I tell myself I’m not going to buy anymore books and then I do, I then bump the new books up to the top and the other ones I have stay on the shelf for much longer!
4. Re-reading favourites: this sometimes is however a good thing, if I’m in a reading slump I’ll pick up one of my favourite books and skim through, reading all my favourite parts, but sometimes I just get distracted and end up reading the whole After series once again.
5. Not branching out with genres: I love contemporary romance and until this year I read very little books that didn’t fit into this category, I have started reading more genres now, but I need to continue like this!

What are you’re bad reading habits?

11 thoughts on “My Bad Reading Habits

  1. I get really easily distracted too! Thanks for tagging me I’ll definitely write a post of my bad habits although some of them will be similar to yours!

    Jess xx

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  2. skim reading is something I do a lot when i want to hurry and finish a book:( I really need to stop haha! I have a habit of not folding the corner of the page or using a bookmark so I always forget where I was in a book! x

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  3. I’m also guilty of the first three! I’ve always been easily distracted when reading, and adding to my TBR is probably always going to be a thing I do. I usually only skim read when I want to get to the end because I’m not enjoying it though!

    Great post!

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  4. My book list is honestly a black hole. You could like get lost down there or something haha! But I totally can relate to these especially skim reading or zoning out while still reading the words. It sounds kinda weird but like I’ll read the words without processing them! I don’t have the best reading habits 😂

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