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#TopTenTuesday- Books I Could Re-read Forever

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesdays run by, That Artsy Reader Girl

1. A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole
This book is one that has stayed with me forever, it is beautifully written with a beautifully sad story, I fell in love with the characters and have read it several times already.

2. The After Series by Anna Todd
I’ve read this series about 3 times now I think, it was the story that made me fall in love with reading, I love it so much, the characters, the plot, the drama, the love, it’s one of those books that make me happy to just flip through and read little bits just to remember them!

3. Letters To The Lost by Brigid Kemmerer.
I only read this recently, but I know I am going to read it again! It’s a beautiful story that I fell in love with.

4. Forever Right Now by Emma Scott.
The characters in this book are amazing, I fell in love straight away, I could re-read their story forever.

5. The Start Of Me And You by Emery Lord
This is a book I read recently, it was very sweet and wholesome, I loved it and know that I want to read it again sometime!

6. Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher
This is such a clever book that I’ve already read twice, the second time look for clues I might have missed the first time, one of my favourite ever books.

7. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
My favourite CoHo book! The story is so beautiful, I love the music that intertwined, I love picking this up to re-read!

8. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
Hmmm maybe this is my favourite CoHo book? Lol! She is such a brilliant author, I just love all her books! And I could probably read them all again and again.

9. The Extinction Trials by S.M Wilson
I’ve just finished this book and I know that I am going to want to read it again! The first Dystopian/fantasy book that I have adored! I was hooked right from the start.

10. LoveSong by Sophia Bennett
I’ve read this book twice, I think. It’s a great story, I love boybands! This one really holds my heart, it was the first boybandesque book I read!


What are books that you could re-read over and over again?


One thought on “#TopTenTuesday- Books I Could Re-read Forever

  1. I’ve never read any of these so I’ll definitely be looking into them and adding some to my TBR as if it isn’t big enough already haha!

    Jess xx

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