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February Wildest Dreams Book Box (Spoilers) And Q&A with curator Zoe Collins

Before I show you all this months box I have a Q&A with Zoe Collins, the lovely girl behind the box!

What prompted you to create the Wildest Dreams Book Box?

I created Wildest Dreams because my disability left me unable to work a conventional job, and I wanted put my time and effort into something I was passionate about; and books are definitely that for me.

What sort of research did you do for inspiration of what you’d like to include in the box?

It’s actually really difficult to choose the book and products to match. It’s something I enjoy massively, but because I’m such a perfectionist – it’s definitely hard. I spend hours and hours choosing themes and products to match with the book. I usually just trawl through social media and people’s blogs to find inspiration.

What sort of genres can we expect in the box?

I am really trying to steer away from fantasy, as I know fantasy is already widely used in YA book boxes, so I’m trying to keep every month as diverse as possible: so thrillers, contemporaries, romances, horrors – you name it, I’ll try it!

Will it always be a new release YA book?

Yes, the book included in the box will always be released within 6 weeks of the shipping date.

What’s been your favourite item included in a box so far?

The Harry Potter Sorting Bath Bomb was one of my favourites, it went down so well and it was such a gorgeous product – my flat smelled lovely for weeks!

How have you found the process of picking the products, packing and shipping the boxes?

It’s definitely a lot to pick, pack and ship 100 boxes every month on my own, but it’s so much fun and I actually find it quite theraputic now!

Are you planning to up the amount of boxes for each month?

As soon as we sell 100 (which we are only a few boxes away from!), I will up it to 150 – but I think that’ll be the cut off point. As a single person business, you have to set a cut-off point somewhere!

Finally, are there any little hints you can give about future boxes?

I just announced that February’s box will contain a bookish candle from Taken Moons! I can reveal that March’s theme is Family Ties and there may be a Weasley themed one-off product…


This months box was fantastic! I’m really excited to read the book, it sound very interesting. All the other little things in the box are great too, the candle smells incredible, I will be burning that right away! And the tea, is so good, I’ve alreasy had a cup! The note from the author and signed book plate make the boxes really special!

This box is great value, the products are so well picked, and I just love the selection of books, I think there is still a couple of boxes left for March, if I was you I would snap one up right away!



6 thoughts on “February Wildest Dreams Book Box (Spoilers) And Q&A with curator Zoe Collins

  1. This is such a great idea! Love how the boxes have loads of cute little items in! Also would love to read a review of the book once you’ve read it, it looks interesting!

    Jess xx

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