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‘Christmas Party Book tag!’

I was tagged in the Christmas Party Book tag by Taylor! Thanks for tagging me!
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1. Who’s invited?
Okay, so I have to have Hardin and Tessa (from After by Anna Todd) because they’re the first characters I obsessed over, and they would bring some fire to the party!
I would also have to have Sawyer The Lawyer (from Forever Right Now by Emma Scott) because I’d hope there would be some mistletoe!
And also Bennett and Max (from The Beautiful Series by CL) again because they’re so gorgeous, I’m definitely seeing a theme here!

2. The Best Decorations in Town, a book with a good setting?
Hmm, I don’t read very many sci-fi/fantasy books to use a IMG_4068setting like that, so I would have to say Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, because Paris is so beautiful!


3. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, a book with a lot of music?
IMG_4193A book I read this year that featured music and I loved, was LoveSong by Sophia Bennett, so I’d have to go with that one!



4. The Obsessive Host, a character that freaks out over little things?
I struggled to find an answer for this one, but I’m going to E50D7C8A-D161-45B8-A1AB-069F97EA853Cgo for Cherry Redgrave (from All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher) She always wanted people to have w good time and enjoy her cakes, she was a little obsessive!



5. The Ugly Sweater Couple, a couple who are annoyingly cute?
120D59A8-2E79-4C16-AAB2-5BB1F448D4D7It has to be Hessa (Hardin and Tessa from After by Anna Todd) I am still obsessed with this couple, they’re adorable, and yes a lot of the time they’re not, but I love them!



6. Who’s Eating All The Cookies, a character known for eating a lot?
Starr (from The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas) Starr’s 90DD1B6D-CBC4-4DE2-84A9-912EF61152ABappetite was mentioned quite a few times in the book!


7. Who is Kissing Under the Mistletoe, a book couple you wish would hurry up and get together?
AA4F7FDF-D2BD-4315-B652-595A078D6C98Landon and Posey (from After, Nothing More and Nothing Less by Anna Todd) the whole way through I really wanted these two to become a couple, even though the books had a love triangle going on with Landon, Nora and Dakota, I was still rooting for Posey! lol


Thank you again for the tag, why don’t you do the tag? Here is a link to Taylor’s original post:


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