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Top 5 Book Boyfriends! (Plus a book Giveaway!)

Top 5 Book boyfriends!

This was such a hard post, I’ve read so many books with a lot of swoon worthy leading men! But here it goes!

5. Tyler Bruce from the DIMILY series by Estelle Maskame because who doesn’t love a badboy with a good heart underneath! I fell in love with Tyler more and more throughout the series, and I am sooooo excited to get inside his head in Just Don’t Mention It next year!A7DCDEB9-52E1-4DAC-AC13-5C8BC2793659

4. Max Stella from The Beautiful series by Christina Lauren. I loved Max’s masculinity but also his sweet side! He made a very hot and sexy Book boyfriend!8D3EF789-9332-4EC7-8FAF-4094072A804A

3. Sawyer Haas aka Sawyer the lawyer from Forever Right Now by Emma Scott. Sawyer was a hot single dad! He won me over right away! He was sweet, dedicated and very sexy!5571EF59-82D9-472B-B5D7-23CF966CA21B

2. Dean Holder from Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, it was so hard to choose a book boyfriend that CoHo wrote because they’re all great! But I fell hard for Holder! He was sweet and protective and would have done anything for Sky! Total hottie!57ABE4B7-66F1-4DA3-88B1-2339F02B7850

1. And my ultimate book boyfriend is Hardin Scott by the amazingly talented Anna Todd, she sure knows how to write w book boyfriend! Going back to my bad boy with a good heart love! Hardin was raw and real, and not to mention sexy! I loved him right from the beginning of the After series, I think he was my first really book boyfriend!!9FF41241-3BDE-4423-8F43-558794E991A1

There are so many others I could have mentioned! Thank you to all the authors for writing these great guys! 😏
Who is your favourite book boyfriend?

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