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The SacconeJolys And The Great Cat-Nap (Childrens Book) Signing and Book Review, plus Giveaway!

Yesterday I went to a book signing that Jonathan and Anna SacconeJoly were doing for their new Childrens book The SacconeJolys And The Great Cat Nap.

First of I just want to say how LOVELY they both were, Ive watched their videos for so long! They have the cutest family and are so genuine and nice! When I went up to meet them they both went straight in for a hug (and they were great hugs! Lol), they both said hello, nice to meet you etc and Anna told me she loved my coat!
The queue was huge but they were so kind to everyone!
The books were pre-signed which did speed up the queue a little!


I read the book when I got home! It’s such a brilliant children’s story! I work in a school, I know the the children I work with will love this story! It’s funny and captivating! The words used are perfect for a children’s book!
The illustrations are brilliant, so bright and fun! All in all it’s a great story and would make great gift for children! Christmas is coming up!


Amazon link- (only £3.99 atm)

Thank you Jonathan and Anna! I hope you enjoyed Belfast! 🙂


I have a spare SIGNED copy of The Great Cat Nap that I got yesterday!
If you’d like to win it head to my Twitter (@bookishbitsblog) anjd follow the instructions there! The giveaway will be open for one week!

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