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The Key Of Time by Jennifer Loudon

In The Key of Time Jennifer Louden tells the story of Daniel and his adventures through the “glistening sheet of gold” that takes him to another time in history. Daniel confronts good and evil on his travels, both with the people he meets on the other side and amongst his own companions where greed rears its ugly head. The adventures revolve around the thriving medieval castle where we meet princes, knights and the fearsome castle guards from which the band of friends must save Daniel’s family. Yet blunders can happen and when Daniel uses the key of time to pass through the time barrier when the sheet is “a dazzling, glowing green” he finds himself in 750 BC and the era of the dreaded Druids with their cages and chains.

Austinmacauley publishers very kindly sent me this book! It’s a very short Children’s/YA fantasy story, not usually the type of book that I would read, but I gave it a go.

Before I started I looked up the author and learned that Jennifer was only 15 when she wrote and published The Key Of Time, which is such an achievement!

I liked the story and thought it was a very interesting idea, the writing was good, you could tell it was a younger author, but nothing was badly written at all! She was very descriptive in her writing, I enjoyed all the scene setting in the book!

I think this book is definitely aimed at a younger audience, I feel like they will really enjoy the imagination in this story!  I work in a school so I’m going to add it to my school library for the children to enjoy, I already know a few in my class who will love it!

Thank you again to Austinmacauley for sending me this, I’m looking forward to reading more books from you guys! 🙂

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