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Hi guys!

I’ve just got done updating my TBR list (I actually made a list) I got a cute new notebook from a publishing team, so I decided that it’s going to be my TBR notebook.

I went through my shelves and noted down all of the books I have yet to read… and there are a lot!
I was going to start a TBR jar, you know where you put all the books in and then pick one out and that’s the book you read? But I decided a list would be easier, I’m going to cross off the book once I’ve read it.

How do you tackle your TBR?

There are sooooo many books on my shelf/kindle that have been there for months and months and I feel bad that I haven’t got around to reading them yet, I’ve said this before but I’m really going to try and read all these books before I buy anymore!
I know that is going to be tough as there are books coming out soon that i’m going to want to buy, but hopefully I’ll have read a few from my TBR list by then!

What does your TBR list look like? Do you have loads of books or only a few?

Let me know in the comments! Also, what’re you reading at the minute?!


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