Top 3’s

Top 3’s

I thought I would write a blog post that’s not a review or overly book related, just for something fun to add to my blog, so I’m going to list a few of my top 3’s!

-After Series by Anna Todd
-DIMILY series by Estelle Maskame
-November 9 by Colleen Hoover

-Anna Todd
-Christina Lauren
-Colleen Hoover

-Les Mis
-The Pursuit if Happyness

TV shows (current)
-The Vampire Diaries
-Pretty Litte Liars
-How To Get Away With Murder

TV shows (All time)
-Gossip Girl
-One Tree Hill
-Pretty Little Liars

Fictional character (books)
-Tessa (After series)
-Sara (beautiful bastard series)
-Hardin (After series)

Fiction character (Tv)
-Aria (PLL)
-Hayley (One Tree Hill)
-Nicole (Home and Away)

Celebrity Crush
-Harry Styles
-Lincoln Lewis
-James McVey

-One Direction
-Jenn Bostic
-Christian Kane

-Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
-Sever by Christian Kane
-Happily by One Direction


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