January Books

I read six books in January! Yay! Here are some short thoughts on each of the books!

12 Days of Dash and Lily   by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan 

This was a book I had planned to read at Christmas, but unfortunately I only got to read one chapter over the Christmas season, so I started it again in January. It is about a young couple, dash and lily. Lily loves Christmas and Dash tolerates it for her sake, but this year Lily has had a lot going on and isn’t in the spirit, so Dash spends 12 days with the help of someone others to bring her spirit back. 

It took me a long time to get into the book, it was sometimes a little hard going to read and enjoy, but it did turn out to be a nice story, just not the sort of book I really really enjoy.

LoveSong by Sophia Bennett

I LOVED this book! This will probably appear in another post I am planning, but I’ll just tell you now that if you like boy bands and are a little bit of a fangirl like me then you need to read this! Nina basically gets to live the dream when she gets a job working for a huge boyband…and ends up falling for one of the members!
The writing is wonderful, the flow of the story is great and it is fun and easy to read.

London Belongs to Us by Sarra Manning

I bought this book because London is my favourite place and I saw the title and snapped it up. When I started it I didn’t really get sucked in right away. The story is about a girl who finds out that her boyfriend might be hiding something. Sunny ends up chasing him all over London with two French boys that she has just met, he basically leads her on a wild goose chase. Even though it took me a while to warm to it, it was a lovely book, there were funny moments and lovely bits in the book. It was well written and the details in it were excellent.  I’m definitely glad I bought it and gave it a chance.


Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

This was another book that I wasn’t sure about in the beginning, it was written in a style that I hadn’t really read before, the chapters were very short and switched quickly between the two characters.

But I am so glad that I bought this book! It is about Libby and Jack. Libby is a teenager who went through loss at a young age and then became over weight, very over weight. She hasn’t been at school for years, she’s lost some weight now and is healthy enough to go to school again, where she is bullied about her weight, she meets a guy called Jack who tries to be cool, he is cruel to her and they end up on detention together where an unexpected friendship begins. Jack has Prosopagnosia which means he cannot recognise faces, not even his family. He tells Libby about it and she helps him a little with it, and their friendship develops.
This book covered a lot of real issues, in my opinion it covered them in a good way. I really enjoyed it, I learned about Prosopagnosia which I hadn’t heard of before, and the story was so lovely and heart warming.
As I said before the style of the book was different, but I loved it, the chapters were so short but they flowed well and it actually seemed to make it easier to read, I was able to read this book in just a few hours, I didn’t want to put it down!

Winters Snow by Carrie Hope Fletcher

This is a novella from On The Other Side, it basically tells a little bit of Vincent’s story of how he got to ‘the other side’ to Evie. It was lovely, I loved reading about him and his journey, it was lovely so see it from his point of view as On The Other Side focuses on Evie.

On the other side, was a book that was quite different and quirky, I love Carrie so I wanted so badly to love it, and I did! It was fun and romantic and Winters Snow was just the same!


The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Again this was another book that I struggled to get into, usually I sit and I read a lot, but with this book I read a few pages at a time, this was another book with very short chapters that switch between characters so it did make it easier to read only a few pages and then put it down for a little bit.

But I did quickly get into the story, it’s about a girl who is an illegal immigrant in NYC who is getting deported, she meets a boy and they fall in love in one day. I don’t know how I feel about this book, I did love it and I got really into the story, I thought I knew where it was going and how it ended, but I was wrong. I did LOVE the end/epilogue but I think I also (not really) hated it because it wasn’t what I expected! So I was pleasantly surprised by this book, the writing was fab, it was fun and interesting! I definitely recommend it!

What did you guys read in January ?

8 thoughts on “January Books

      1. Your going to love The One We Fell in Love With! I love anything by Paige Toon! I’m currently reading ‘A Court Of Mist And Fury’ By Sarah J. Maas


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