About Me/Reading and Blogging Goals

Hi! So my name is Lainey, I’m 22 years old and I live in NI! 

I love love love to read, not so much however when I was younger! I preferred maths at school, although my mum did but me lots of books and my older sister read with me too! 

But through my teenage years the only books I read were the ones I had to for school and also….twilight! Because I watched the first movie and got hooked and needed to know more, but after that I didn’t really pick up any other books. But then I found some fanfic online and I became hooked on one in particular and then I figured out that I was a really fast reader and I actually liked reading! 

And then again I watched a movie and got hooked, it was called Tomorrow When The War Began, I watched it because I was obsessed with an actor called Lincoln Lewis at the time (seriously he’s hot) and he was in it! The movie was really good but apparently didn’t do so well, so they never made a sequel but it left huge cliffhangers and I had to know what happened! So I searched online and found that it was a book series by James Marsden, so I bought all 7 books and read them in about 2 weeks and that’s when my love for reading really started.

Since then I have read SO many books and I have loved most of them! 

I wanted to start this blog to post my thoughts on the books I’ve read, reviews, chat about all things books and authors, make some friends and maybe do some giveaways 🙂

I have no idea if anyone will read this blog but just to give you an idea of the books and genres that I like and will be posting about I’ll mention a few authors here, my favourite authors are Anna Todd, Estelle Maskame and Christina Lauren. I’m still discovering many new authors though!

I love YA romance novels, I also love a good series and then I also enjoy more adult books, but I’ll pretty much read anything if it interests me.



Just to end I’ll list a few facts about myself;

  • I work in a school
  • I have a little rescue puppy called Noah 
  • I’ve never written a blog post before
  • I love make up
  • I went to my first book signing last year
  • I have 7 tattoos
  • I use my middle name instead of my first name 
  • My reading goal for this year is to read 50 books
  • I prefer to read paperbacks
  • I love elephants

Thank you so much for reading, please leave comments to chat, my next blog post will be along soon! 

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